Merging Mundos

Merging Mundos (MM) is a global enterprise which generates and accompanies commercial cooperation and cultural inclusion between Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Merging Mundos is an international enterprise supporting Businesses, Governments and Civil Society to venture into and establish new markets in Africa, South America and the Caribbean. Based out of Nairobi and Buenos Aires, we promote and support South-South cooperation encouraging inclusive business for economic gain and social transformation.

Our vision is for an Africa, Latin America and Caribbean engaged in sustainable and impactful partnerships. We see governments and businesses expressing and cultivating core values in relationship with one another for mutual and continental benefit.
Our values, which guide all aspects of our work and interactions are Leadership, Innovation, Fulfilment and Trust (LIFT)

Merging Mundos Commerce

Our business and investment model combined with the added value of knowledge and understanding of culture and business on both continents, carefully cultivated networks and contacts at all levels results in establishing and expanding enterprises in new markets.

Merging Mundos Women 

We further the conscious leadership, influence and impact of women in South-South Cooperation via the pillars of empowerment, education and community development.
Our agribusiness programs in Africa promote growth from the inside out; growing women farmers into role model agripreneurs.

Merging Mundos Safaris

Our passion and expertise alters your perception of reality. We show you the hearts of each continent through the local people, customs and traditions. We take you to places where the soul engages with and transforms humanity.

Merging Mundos Contribution

We partner with communities in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to create favourable opportunities which maximize the potential of those communities

Merging Mundos strengthens the bond and is handy as the bridge between Kenya and Argentina. Thank you for ably filling in to ensure the team was indeed comfortable. Thank you for organizing the get together with industry leaders.

Joseph IrachaAgribusiness Consultant, East Africa

My experience in Argentina changed dramatically (and for the better) after meeting Justo. He was by far the most connected person there, and extremely generous with his time and hospitality. The people that I met through the events that he hosted, and the assistance he was able to give to me (AND the people I later sent his way) leads me to recommend contacting him as an important part of the South American travel experience to anyone who is heading to that part of the world.

Colin WrightUSA, Owner, Exile Lifestyle & ASW Member

Merging Mundos is a well connected trusted advisor

Gianmarco TascaDirector CITIGROUP, Italy & ASW Member

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